Argumentative Essay: All You Need to Know

Argumentative Essay

Writing a compelling argumentative essay depends on how well you master the four main pillars namely: accurate definition, how to write it, structuring and outlining, and sample topics to fire you. In this post, we shall discuss all these elements in depth to enable you to improve your ability to write better argumentative essays. Moreover, our professional writers can assist you to write your argumentative essays when choking deadlines come knocking at your door. We urge you to read on to discover how best you can improve and how we can assist you when you need help.

What is an argumentative essay?

Before proceeding, we will give you an argumentative essay definition to allow you get a stronger footing for our journey and get a clear answer to the question, “What is an argumentative essay?” In brief, an argumentative essay is a type of writing that requires you to investigate topics, collect, generate, and evaluate evidence. This way, you bring yourself to a better position of establish a clear stand on the matter at hand.

However, you need to understand that even though an argumentative essay shares similarities with an expository one, the two are still different. For instance, an argumentative essay requires you to spend more time and effort researching and prewriting while its counterpart does not. Moreover, an argumentative essay is longer and research-rich while an expository one is shorter and involves light research. Additionally, an argumentative essay is usually assigned as a final project the first year or as an advanced composition. Also, argumentative essays usually include research of published material and literature. Lastly, argumentative essays may require you to use observation, interviews, and experiments to gather research materials.

How to write an argumentative essay?

After getting a clear understanding of what an argumentative essay is, we can now proceed and get into the details of how to write a good argumentative essay. Here, we shall dig deeper and examine the nitty gritties of writing the best argumentative essay.

How to start an argumentative essay

Mastering how to start an argumentative essay is one of the most important pillars of succeeding in your assignment. The reason is that if you start a weak note, you could end up with a shoddy paper. Therefore, start on a strong footing to hook your readers. To make it more cogent, include the following components:

  • Start with a true story that enables your readers to see the value of your thesis statement
  • If you don’t have or want to use a true story, create a scenario to illustrate what you want to argue about or against
  • Explain the problem at hand to allow the reader to see the validity of the argument
  • Startling quotations, facts, or stats will act as good hooks for your essay
  • Use vivid descriptions

Structure of an argumentative essay

It is not enough to have good ideas and thoughts do defend your thesis statement. It is also needful to pay attention to an argumentative essay structure, because it will help you to order your ideas and thoughts. A good structure will save you from confusion.

  • Introduction
    Your paper’s intro should explain the subject matter or controversy and end with a thesis statement that transitions the reader to the body paragraphs. Here are tips to spice it up:
    • Have a clear thesis statement to answer the question to show your readers your chosen position on the topic
    • Use your title to present your point of view, especially if it is a question
    • Have your readers in mind to captivate and interest them

  • Body
    The body parts of your article form the gist of your paper. Here, you will have to convince your readers to buy into your thesis while refuting all contrary arguments. This part needs to give your readers three convincing reasons and support them with clear arguments, examples, and authorities in the respective field. In your body paragraphs, expect opposition from your readers and prepare yourself to debunk it. Also, show them contrary positions on the topic and tell them why you disagree with their stances.

  • Conclusion
    After cruising your readers through arguments, reasons, and examples, you have to wrap up everything and give them a “safe landing.” Here, make a concluding point that tells readers more about what you want them to think or do. Make sure you convince them to adopt your position. Lastly, make your readers understand your thesis statement’s statement.

How to end an argumentative essay

“Better is the end of a matter than its beginning.” These words by King Solomon have a direct a relevant bearing regarding how to end an argumentative essay. How you finalize your essay determines your thesis statement’s value in your reader’s eyes. Here are a few ideas to help you spice up your concluding section.

  • End your paper with a real-life scenario that concretizes your arguments and thesis statement
  • Use a real-life example or illustration to show the reader what could happen if he or she adopts your position
  • Show your audience the benefits or consequences of rejecting or accepting your position
  • Show your readers how you would like them to think, act, or feel in response to your arguments
  • Reach out to the readers’ feelings and intellect

Argumentative essay outline

The success of your essay depends on other relevant factors besides having cogent arguments. The reason is that if you have good ideas to convince your readers, and yet, you present them in a shoddy and incoherent manner, you will still miss the mark. One way of holding your ideas coherently and logically is subjecting them to an argumentative essay outline. By using an outline, you will give your readers an argumentative essay format that allows them to navigate your paper easily.

Moreover, you will not forget including any thought or idea in your paper because you will know everything you should write before documenting it. A good structure also enables you to transition through the writing process easily because you know what you need to put where and when. Therefore, it is prudent and beneficial to outline your paper for your own benefit and that of your audience.

Useful topics for argumentative essay

In this section of our comprehensive guide, we shall share the best argumentative essay topics to inspire you in your future writing in the following categories.

Argumentative essay topics for middle school

Here are the best argumentative essay topics for middle school to jumpstart you.

  • Are students taking home too much homework?
  • Should schools make sporting and games compulsory?
  • Why do kids watch too much TV?
  • Do students need longer school holidays?
  • Should middle school students sleep more or less?

Sports argumentative essay topics

The following sports argumentative essay topics will inspire you to succeed in your future assignments:

  • Why sporting needs to be allocated more time and attention in our schools
  • Should sports be made a mandatory part of the civil service?
  • Why sports is a better career path than traditional courses
  • Why are women still lagging behind in sports compared to men?
  • Why is the men FIFA World Cup Tournament more popular than its women counterpart?

Argumentative essay topics for college students

To inspire you to greater heights, the following argumentative essay topics for college will jumpstart you.

  • Faith is an integral part of human life
  • Your family is more important than friends
  • Why is it not necessary to marry a person with the same education level
  • Why modern students are bearing more social pressure than ever
  • Colleges should make foreign languages compulsory

Funny argumentative essay topics

To ignite your sense of humor, we have prepared the following funny argumentative essay topics.

  • Why does watching violent movies fry your brain?
  • Why funny movies are more appealing to people
  • Why the customer is not always right
  • Why the customer is not king
  • Why you always celebrate when your school laptop collapses

Ethical argument essay topics

To bolster your ethical view of writing, we have compiled these ethical argument essay topics to fire you up.

  • Driving electric cars can help to maintain a healthy environment
  • The social media is negatively impacting how people perceive life
  • Why embracing organic foods is not just safe but also economical
  • Why plastic surgery has more consequences than benefits
  • Homeschooling is a better option parents need to adopt instead public schools
  • Controversial argumentative essay topics

    Do you love controversy? If you do, then these sample controversial argumentative essay topics will help you to excel in your future assignments.

    • School uniforms should be banned at all levels
    • All university and college students should wear uniforms
    • Why police cameras are intruding on people’s privacy
    • Reasons why men should be given equal paternity leave with their wives
    • Why modern technology is making parenting more difficult

    We hope the insights we have shared in this post have enlightened you to new levels of handling your argumentative essays. The ball is now in your court to benefit from them.