Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays give you an opportunity to analyze why things are how they are and what causes them to be that way. Also, this type of essay allows you to show your readers the how one thing leads to the other systematically. But how can you improve your writing skills to draft cogent essays that will fetch you good grades? The remaining sections of this post will share out details on how to excel in this essay. Also, our writing experts are willing to help you to overcome all challenges related to its drafting. Read on to discover more.

Definition of cause and effect essay

Your journey to mastering the art and heart of writing exceptional cause and effect essays depends on how well you answer the question, what is a cause and effect essay? Getting a concise cause and effect essay definition will allow you to forge ahead with a clear understanding of what constitutes this genre of assignment. A cause and effect essay is a form of writing that seeks to give a logical explanation of why things happen and what results from them. It helps you to exercise your analytical instinct by digging beyond the “what” of life to their underlying of its “why.” It also helps you to see beyond events and actions to see through their future implications.

When dealing with this type of task, you have to remember your purpose of writing to decide whether your paper will be persuasive or informational. Also, it is necessary to focus on causes and effects that are closely related to each other in time and nature. This way, it will be easy to exhaust your arguments and make your reasons more concrete. Otherwise, you will end up with a weak case and have difficulties defending your thesis statement.

Structure of cause and effect essay

A cause and effect essay without a defined structure is tantamount to an octopus. To succeed in your papers, you have to master its structural flow to allow your readers transition from one section to another. A cause and effect essay how to write will enable you to navigate your reader smoothly and logically as you move them from your intro, down to the body paragraphs, and finally to your conclusion. In the remaining parts of this section, we will look at this structure at length to help you order your thoughts and ideas.

Structure of a cause and effect essay

The structure of a cause and effect essay will have the following flow and forms:

  • Form one: Several causes leading to a single effect
    In this structure, your thesis statement will mention the general effect of the situation at hand, focusing on three causes that produce the effect in question.
    For instance, you can say: Students fail their exams due to poor study behaviors, a lack of discipline, and poor teaching by teachers.
    In your essay, you will give your readers an in-depth coverage of how these three elements make students fail their exams.
  • Form two: One cause leading to several effects
    In this form, your thesis should tell the reader how one cause leads to several effects.
    For example: The lack of enough and quality sleep causes health problems and leads to poor performance in class.
    In this essay structure, you will need to discuss how poor sleeping habits cause poor health.
    You will also discuss how poor sleep causes poor performance at school.
  • Form three: A chain of causes (Domino effect)
    In this variation, you will show the reader how one cause leads to another one.
    Your thesis statement will mention the initial and closing components of the chain of effects.
    For instance: Poverty leads to the spread of HIV/AIDS in poor countries.

Here, you will need to show how the chain moves from poverty to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

  • The first cause leads to the lack of necessary provision.
  • The lack of provision and any other means of income make women and girls engage in unprotected sex
  • The third part of the chain exposes participants to HIV/AIDS infection and prevalence

How to start a cause and effect essay

How you start your cause and effect essay is critical to how well you will navigate your readers through the essay up to the end. Therefore, it is necessary to be mindful of how to start a cause and effect essay. The remaining parts of this subsection will share out more details on how best to approach this critical part of your paper.

  • First, you should mind the length of the paper to avoid either putting too much or little information in this part of your assignment. Ideally, you have to make this introduction section five to seven sentences long.
  • Your opening sentence is the most important; and it will act as your topic sentence. Its aim is to orient your readers into the topic you intend to discuss.
  • You should also include your thesis statement in this section to allow your readers to see the direction you are taking with them. Also, it will act as your personal stance on the topic you have elected to discuss
  • Also, this introductory paragraph will offer your readers the background of your discussion by explaining the cause and why it is necessary for the reader to know its effects.

How to conclude a cause and effect essay

Ending your essay on a strong footing is just as important as starting it strongly. Therefore, it is necessary to master how to conclude a cause and effect essay otherwise your essay will collapse for the lack of a harmonious wrap up. To write a great conclusion, you ought to look at it from your reader’s perspective and ask yourself if you too would consider your conclusion complete and fitting. Therefore, it is necessary to explain to the reader can he or she can draw meaning and value from the conclusion as they apply the things you shared in the paper. For instance, you have to show or tell them what you want them to start or stop doing.

Topics for cause and effect essay

Are you looking for topics to inspire you to write excellent cause and effect essays? If you are, then this section will delve into all those details by offering you hot sample topics from various categories. Below are some of them.

Easy cause and effect essay topics

Getting the best topics to write exceptional essays should not be a complex blood-sweating process. Get the best easy cause and effect essay topics here.

  • Hope inspires endurance
  • ICT has improved how we communicate with each other
  • The spread of smartphones has led to a deterioration in proper interpersonal interactions
  • Sleeping too much causes obesity
  • Moral perversion leads to insecurity in society

Cause and effect essay topics for college students

For the best cause and effect essay topics for college students, read this portion.

  • The Internet has destroyed morality
  • Genetically modified foods are a threat to world health
  • The culture of fast foods fuels lifestyle diseases
  • Domestic violence causes poor esteem among children
  • A stable home leads to secure and confident children

Personal cause and effect essay topics

If you want the best personal cause and effect topics, remain with this portion of our post.

  • Why is it a dog cannot replace the cat as my favorite cat?
  • How does my disciplined life improve my studies in class?
  • How organization enhances my study success
  • Why I need to walk in the footsteps of my father
  • Why bad company is bad for me

Funny cause and effect essay topics

To keep the fun going, this subsection will share out the best funny cause and effect essay topics to inspire you.

  • This is how too much television affects your mental health
  • Here are the effects of excess social media on your personality
  • Why being foolhardy daring will make you a renowned broadcaster on YouTube
  • The repercussions of uploading the wrong picture on the social media
  • The consequences of having a shoddy social media profile

Simple cause and effect essay topics

Writing great cause and effect essays does not mean you have complex topics. Here are simple cause and effect essay topics.

  • What are the effects of water pollution?
  • How air pollution destroys your health
  • How does music benefit your health?
  • This is how globalization is destroying developing economies
  • How the Internet is killing researching ability in students
  • Cause and effect essay topics for middle school

    Here are the best cause and effect essay topics for middle school.

    • How has your best friend influenced your life?
    • How your mother has influenced your character
    • Why are children watching adult movies?
    • The causes and effects of anxiety
    • How a relaxed mind benefits your health

    We have shared everything you need to excel in your cause and effect essays. However, the picture remains incomplete without one thing—your action. What are you waiting for?