College Essay: Everything You Should be Knowing

College Essay

As long as you are in college, writing essays will be a natural part of your academic life just as oxygen is. You will receive assignments in various forms and lengths to test your ability to understand, conceptualize, and express what you have been learning in a structured written form. In this post, we shall share out all the insights you need to write excellent essays that will fetch you the best grades. We are also available to assist you should you face any challenges in your future essay assignments. Get more details in the remaining sections of this discussion.

What is a college essay?

Getting a clear definition of a college essay will help in the success of your paper. Therefore, this section of our post will answer the question, what is a сollege essay? Also, answering the “What do colleges look for in essays?” question is critical in writing a great essay. In short, a college essay is a brief and non-fiction composition that describes, clarifies, argues, or analyzes a subject. When writing an essay, you will face assignments in many school subjects and levels of the subjects you are learning.

Moreover, the complexity and length of these assignments differ depending on their importance and level of class students are at. Also, a good essay should conform to all the standards of academic writing and formats. You can receive your assignments in different writing formats such as APA, Chicago, MLA, and Harvard. But most importantly, it is necessary to align your papers to the general principles of writing such as keeping your audience in mind and using appropriate formal language.

Tips for writing a college essay

This section will share tips on how you should write your essays.

Structure of college essay

Structure is one of the most important dimensions of writing a great essay. Your paper’s structure will include three main components namely:

  • The introduction
    This section of your paper handles the “what?” aspect of the paper. Also, it shows your readers where you are taking them.
  • The body paragraphs
    This section will now show your reader “how” you plan to attain that goal—defending your thesis statement. Here, you offer your audiences enough reasons for your thesis statement.
  • The conclusion
    This critical section will show the reader the “why” aspect of your writing. The reader finally realizes why it was important to read your paper. It wraps up the whole paper and gives it the sense of meaning and value the reader needs as they sign out.

How long should a college essay be?

But how long should a college essay be? Unfortunately, this question has no straight answer. However, college essays depend on the level of class and degree of its importance. Ideally, essays range between 1-3 and 5-7 pages.

How to start a college essay

This portion of our post will share out proven insights that will guide you on how to start a college essay effectively. Below are simple and powerful steps that will navigate you through the writing process;

  • You should read the prompt carefully and understand its requirements before starting your paper
  • Next, you have to select an interesting topic that is relevant to your readers
  • Next, prepare an outline that will hold your ideas together as you write them down
  • Write your thesis statement to give your paper a sense of direction
  • Draft the body of your paper
  • Compose the introduction
  • Write your paper’s conclusion
  • Polish your assignment

How to write a conclusion for college essay

Crafting an excellent conclusion for your essay is one of the pillars of writing a cogent paper. This portion will share out ideas on how to end a college essay.
To end your essay successfully, it is beneficial to restate your primary argument to show the reader how well you have defended it throughout the paper. You also need to summarize the main ideas you used in defending your thesis statement. Lastly, it is needful to close your essay in a manner that gives the reader an interesting final impression that will leave them yearning for more.

Topics for college essays

To inspire you in your writing, here are sample topics to jumpstart you.

Argumentative essay topics for college

These argumentative essay topics for college will jumpstart you.

  • Cyberbullying should be classified as online terrorism
  • Should robots and technology replace teachers in class?
  • Should paper-based textbooks be banned to save forests?
  • IPads and tablets need to replace traditional textbooks
  • Why college students should not carry smartphones in class

Compare and contrast essay topics for college students

These compare and contrast essay topics for college students should inspire you to the next level.

  • Online classes are better than traditional ones
  • Distance learning versus on-campus learning: Which one is better?
  • Problem-solving skills and intelligence: Which one is better?
  • Education versus intelligence: Which one is better?
  • Football versus American football

College persuasive essay topics

Here are the best college persuasive essay topics to inspire you.

  • Why homeschooling should replace public schools
  • Marriage should be permanent in life
  • Smoking in public should be criminalized
  • Students should be forced to live on campus
  • Blessed is the hand that gives than the one that receives
  • Education is not a guarantee for success in life
  • Wrestling is tantamount to legalized violence
  • Death penalty should be mandatory for all murder convicts
  • Children should not be given smartphones
  • Children should not be allowed to join Facebook

College application essay topics

To perfect your skills in your college application essays, here are hot college application essay topics to give you a flying start.

  • Which type of music do you live listening to the most?
  • Write about the most critical social volunteering activities you participate in when you are free
  • Give a description of ways you would like to use your education to benefit your local community
  • The lesson you learnt from your biggest mistakes in life
  • How your worst mistakes have helped to shape you into the person you are now
  • Since failure can happen to anyone, how can you make a better use of it?
  • Are you a responsible member of your community? If yes, describe ways in which you think you are
  • Describe the biggest fear in your life and how you would face it if it happened to you
  • If you were put in authority, explain how you would like to solve unemployment among the youth
  • Cause and effect essay topics for college students

    These hot cause and effect essay topics for college students will fire you to the next level of advancement.

    • What leads to divorce?
    • What are the consequences of divorce?
    • The effects of legalizing abortion/
    • How does war affect nations?
    • Describe how poor health affects economies
    • What causes civil wars in the developing world?
    • How is the Net affecting how we experience education?
    • How does ICT affect government operations?
    • Discuss the effects of technology on healthcare
    • What are the effects of child delinquency?

    Narrative essay topics for college students

    The following narrative essay topics for college students will jumpstart you to the next leave of success in your essay assignments.

    • Write about how you felt when you got lost
    • Give a description of the most regrettable mistake of your life
    • Give a description of the most influential human in your life
    • Write an essay describing your favorite dish
    • Draft a paper describing the thing you fear losing the most
    • Compose a narrative describing your feeling if you won 1 million dollars
    • Compose a description of what you would do if time were to move backwards
    • Describe the one thing you would like to change about your life

    Creative college essay topics

    Do you want to infuse your essays with creativity? Here are creative college essay topics to inspire you.

    • Describe the most horrible experience you had that transformed your life to what it is now
    • Why would you like to spend a whole four year period studying while you could be out there making money?
    • Write a detailed description of how you intend to spend your life after college
    • Were you to be an inventor, what would you invent to make human life better than what it is now?
    • Write a detailed description of how you would feel if you led your nation to win the FIFA men world cup trophy
    • Compose a detailed description of how you would use your influence to develop football in the developing world should you get the opportunity to be Lionel Messi
    • Write a comprehensive description of how you would use your influence to advance education were you to be the most educated man on earth
    • Discuss how you would use your wealth to better other people’s lives if you were the richest man on earth

    You are now up to date with all you need to know about writing excellent college essays. What remains between what we have shared and what you want to become is action. The ball is in your court.