Compare and Contrast Essay: Get all the Facts

Compare and Contrast Essay

Can you remember the brain games we used to play in elementary school where we were to spot how similar objects differed? If you can, then it is needful to borrow a leaf from them and use it to perfect your ability to write compare and contrast essays. For this reason, we have composed this comprehensive guide to offer you all the details you require to draft perfect essays in this genre. Also, our writing experts are ready to assist you anytime you face challenges when tackling this type of assignment. Be our guest as we share with you how this is possible and beneficial to you.

What is a compare and contrast essay?

Before proceeding, it is needful for us answer the question, what is a compare and contrast essay? Armed with a clear compare and contrast essay definition, we will advance to the finer details of writing a great essay in this category more easily. In short, this is a type of writing that requires you to: spot and explain several key features two objects share, show their similarities and differences, and then formulate a thesis statement that shows your position concerning them. In your thesis, you can either state that objects A and B are similar, different, or they share clear differences and similarities.

The main aim of this genre of assignment is doing one or some of the following:

  • Clearing misunderstandings
  • Stating unknown facts about the two objects
  • Showing that a given object is superior to another
  • Showing people new ways of doing or viewing things

Tips for writing a compare and contrast essay

To fire you up, this section of our post will share out tips that will empower you to upgrade your writing to the next level. Keep reading to discover more.

How to start a compare and contrast essay

The first tip that will inspire you to excel in this form of assignment is knowing how to start a compare and contrast essay. The reason is that the starting point of your paper is like its engine. If you begin on a weak note, it will be difficult to move along with your readers up to the end of the paper. Why? Because first impressions matter in life, and once you have a faulty first impression, you will have difficulties correcting it. Therefore, you have to begin start on a strong footing to avoid losing your reader along the way.

How to organize a compare and contrast essay

Another tip to empower you to excel in these tasks is mastering how to organize compare and contrast essay. Otherwise, you can rest assured of having difficult moments as you write your assignment. Also, a disorganized task will present your readers with many difficulties that will impede their smooth navigation and understanding. Here is how to organize it your task.


This critical portion of your assignment usually serves the following purpose:

  • Showing your readers the objects of your comparison or contrast
  • Showing your audience why you want to compare and contrast your chosen objects
  • Show your readers your position regarding the comparison and contrast through your thesis statement

The first body paragraph

  • Your first object and all its features
  • Include any fact, example, test, experiment, or finding
  • It does not contain details about the second item

The second body paragraph

  • Your second object and all its features
  • Include any fact, example, test, experiment, or finding
  • It does not contain details about the first object

Body paragraph three

In this paragraph, you have to note down how your chosen objects are similar as you compare them

The fourth body paragraph

In this paragraph, you have to note down how the similarities of the two objects as you contrast them


  • Summarize and show one significant way in which the two items are different or similar
  • Show the reader the merits and demerits of the two objects
  • Rehash your thesis statement showing your preferred position regarding whether your object are different, similar, or both
  • Let your audiences make their informed decisions

Compare and contrast essay introduction

Your paper’s introductory section is critical for several reasons. First, it is your sole opportunity to make a lasting and positive first impression on your reader’s mind. How well you impress your audiences makes them want to stay with your writings up to the finish. Second, your compare and contrast essay introduction shows your reader your chosen position on the topic at hand.

For example, your stance can show your audience that even though vehicles are different from ships in many visible ways, they are essentially the same because they are transportation tools. Such a position will help you in infusing your paper with a proper sense of guidance and objectivity. However, it is prudent and beneficial to make your thesis stronger by wording it appropriately to cement your message. In addition, it is needful to place this statement strategically at the close of your initial paragraph to give your paper a smooth shift to the body paragraphs. Lastly, it is needful to make the statement specific and offer your readers a clear understanding of your coming analysis.

How to end a compare and contrast essay

From the beginning we land at the end—the conclusion. It is needful to master how to end a compare and contrast essay to allow your readers to sign out on a higher note. In short, your conclusion should be nostalgic and act as the peak of your paper where you leave your readers yearning for more. If you managed to convince your readers to read on because of a powerful intro, then your ending needs to give them a reason to want to read it again.

Wrapping your ideas tightly is one way of making your conclusion more cogent. However, you need to avoid introducing any new ideas into your paper at this level. Instead, you ought to rehash and emphasize the value of the ideas you have already discussed in the body paragraph. Just as you included your thesis statement at the beginning of your paper, it is also necessary to include it here. However, the only difference here is that you need to rehash it without repeating it verbatim. Remember, the main aim of this rephrasing is to show your readers the value of your thesis statement—the center of your paper.

Topics for compare and contrast essay

After knowing and mastering the tricks, you need to get some inspiration to jumpstart you in your future assignments. In this section of our post, we will ignite you with hot sample topics to help you move on.

Compare and contrast essay topics for college students

Here are hot compare and contrast essay topics for college students.

  • Church and civil weddings: Which one is the better option?
  • Watching movies at home versus watching in the theater
  • Church sermon versus political campaign speech: Which one inspires more?
  • How do viruses differ from bacteria?
  • German versus American vehicles: Which ones are the better options?

Compare and contrast essay topics for middle school

This subsection has hot sample topics for writing a compare and contrast essay for middle school.

  • A president versus a monarch: Who leads a nation better?
  • Manual versus electronic voting
  • Similarities between having male and female friends
  • Compare how parents and the media influence teenagers
  • Compare voting patterns in the West and Africa

Compare and contrast essay topics for high school

For those students seeking inspiring topics to help them to excel in your compare and contrast essay for high school, these samples will fire them to success.

  • How does being in high school differ from elementary level?
  • How does happiness differ from sorrow?
  • Village life versus city life
  • Football and American football: How do the two games differ and resemble?
  • Badminton and tennis: How are these two games different?

Funny compare and contrast essay topics

If you love fun, then these funny compare and contrast essay topics should inspire you to the next level of proficiency.

  • How is email different from and similar to traditional postal letter delivery?
  • How is American and English comedy different and similar?
  • Conmen and politicians: How similar are they?
  • Compare short men with short women
  • Compare and contrast an illiterate and graduate thief

Success in your compare and contrast essay assignments depends on several factors. First, it is prudent to comprehend what these essays are and their purpose. Second, you have to get tips that will polish you with practical insights that will inspire you to greater heights of efficiency. Third, it is necessary to draw inspiration from sample topics to inspire you to greater mastery. This post has shared all these things to ensure that your next assignment will be better than the last one you wrote. We hope these insights will help you to take your game to the next level.