Expository Essay: Learn All You Needed to Know

Expository Essay

What does it take to write an excellent expository essay? What mix of skills and ingredients do you need to make your expository essays nostalgic and cogent in the eyes of your readers? The aim of this post is to enable you to perfect your writing proficiency in this genre of academic writing. We will share out hidden insights that will open your eyes to discover how easy it is to excel in this type of essay. Moreover, if face any challenges that make it impossible to finish your assignments on time, our writing experts are here to help you.

What is an expository essay?

But before delving into the finer details of our discussion, we need to answer the question, what is an expository essay? The reason an expository essay definition is critical is that it will help us to get to the core of the nature and object of the assignment, and hence, answering the question, what is the purpose of an expository essay? In brief, an expository essay is a form of assignment that exposes or reveals the nature, meaning, purpose, or any other essential fact/detail about a person, object, and an idea.

This genre of writing comes in the form of description, explanation, or analysis of the differences/ similarities of various objects. For instance, if your teacher asks you to explain how bad eating habits endanger your health, they are asking you to do a cause and effect type of essay. The reason is that you will need to demonstrate how poor eating habits lead to bad health. Additionally, if you receive a prompt to show your readers how iOS differs from Android, and yet, the two are smartphone operating systems, you will be dealing with a compare and contrast kind of assignment. The reason is that you will need to expose the differences for your reader to see how homogenous systems that do the same thing can differ from each other.

How to write an expository essay?

Since academic writing is subject to rules that define how you should do things, this section of our post will share different aspects of doing it.

Structure of an expository essay

The first important “how to” of writing an expository essay is understanding and abiding by the defined structure of an expository essay. Essentially, a good structure will consist of these main parts:

  • The introduction that tells the reader what you intend to tell them in the body paragraphs
  • The body paragraphs that tell the reader what you promised to tell them in the intro
  • The conclusion that tells the readers what you told them in the intro and body

How to start an expository essay

In a marathon, it does not matter how you start since you can start as the last and still overtake your competitors to win the race. However, this rule does not apply regarding to how to start an expository essay. The reason is that a great expository essay’s beginning subscribes to the laws of first impression, meaning, you never have a second opportunity to make a good first impression. So, this portion of our post will show you how to start your essay on a strong footing to avoid creating the wrong initial impression since it will last. Here is how to go about it:

  • Your paper’s initial sentence or sentences offer your readers a clear indication of what lies ahead.
  • You need to use your paper’s initial sentence or sentences to grab and maintain your readers’ interest and attention. To achieve this, spice them with some interesting facts, quotes, stats, or anecdotes to arouse the reader’s social side. Also, you could start by debunking a popular myth or even defining a term.
  • To make your paper more objective, it is necessary to incorporate your thesis statement at the end of the paper’s intro. This way, you show the reader the direction you will take them. Also, it allows your readers to know your personal stand on the subject matter at hand.
  • Lastly, be tactful enough to know what you should not include in your essay’s start. Therefore, refrain from trying to put everything or too much information in this section of your paper. Otherwise, you will defeat the purpose of having your body paragraphs. Also, a bloated intro will confuse your readers since they will take in too much too early, leading them to lose interest in what lies ahead. So, just be prudent enough to make this section as tantalizing as possible and then transition the reader to the main “table” where they will have the main “course.”
  • How to write a conclusion for expository essay

    Have you ever cheered a marathon runner who sprinted ahead of the park and led up to the last mile only to be overtaken and finish outside the medal bracket? Obviously, you would feel cheated by that marathoner especially if he or she were carrying your country’s medal hopes. You would feel disappointed because the runner gave you a good run for your hopes only to finish poorly. Likewise, your readers would feel the same if you finish on the wrong footing. Therefore, this part of our post will show you how to write a conclusion for expository essay. Here are tips to help spice your conclusions:

    • Wrap up your essay with a call-to-action by telling them what you want them to do or how you want them to think. This way, you cement your sense of purpose because you will be showing your readers that you believe in your thesis statement. Also, your call-to-action shows the reader you care about them, and hence, your invitation to them to benefit from the fruit of your paper.
    • You also have to explain to the reader how your position affects him or her
    • You can also conclude your papers by explaining to your readers the importance and value of your topic
    • Lastly, you can wrap up your paper by presenting your readers with fresh questions to think about

    Topics for expository essays

    To help you up your game in this type of assignment, this section of our post will share out sample topics that will fire you for your future assignments. Read on to get the inspiration to move you forward.

    Expository essay topics 8th grade

    This portion of our guide will share out hot sample expository essay topics 8th grade.

    • Explain why you prefer your best restaurant to the other restaurants in town
    • What should you do if you want to flop in your college exams?
    • Why do clever students fail in exams?
    • Which sporting legend has impacted your life more than all the rest? Give reasons
    • What should the government do to check the spiraling of obesity among children?

    Topics for expository essays for college

    Here are favorite topics for expository essays for college assignments.

    • Describe how college education has changed how you perceive life
    • How has your college experience changed how you relate to people?
    • Describe how obesity is a challenge to human life and existence
    • Why is technology impacting the way students experience modern college life?
    • Why is it necessary to prepare for your exams on time?
    • Easy expository essay topics

      Must all interesting expository essay topics be hard? No. Here are easy expository essay topics to help you up your game in your future assignments.

      • Describe how studying away from home enables you to develop your self-consciousness
      • Explain how modern farming methods are better than ancient ones
      • Describe the latest developments in digital communication
      • Define the meaning of true love among family members
      • Explain why teenage violence rate is high in this generation

      Expository essay topics middle school

      For the best sample expository essay topics middle school, this subsection of our guide has what you need.

      • Compose an essay that describes your first mobile phone
      • Write a paper describing the first fish you caught
      • Describe how you felt when you favorite pet died
      • Write an essay comparing and contrasting your primary and high school experience as a student
      • What are the effects of school bullying on victims and perpetrators?

      Expository essay topics high school

      Here are excellent expository essay topics high school students. Read on to get yourself inspired for the next task.

      • Compare your best dog to a cat
      • Your best dinner meal includes bacon, explain how you prepare it
      • You have picked a bag containing $5,000, and it has the owner’s mobile phone contacts. Compose an essay on what you would do with the money
      • Describe your favorite hobby
      • Good sleep is essential to good health. Describe how you manage your sleeping patterns as a high school student
      • With all these insights at your fingertips, what is still missing in your recipe for writing excellent expository essays? Only one thing, and it is—action. Your guarantee of benefiting from all we have shared depends on your willingness to apply them. So, act now.