Hot Ideas to Enrich Your Persuasive Essay Writing

persuasive essay writing

Are you struggling with your persuasive essay writing? Do you find it difficult convincing your audience despite having “enough English” to express your arguments? If you are in this boat, then you don’t need to worry or castigate yourself since you are not alone. Many good students like you still find it hard convincing their audience to cross the floor and see the merit of their arguments. However, by taking time to look at the three-prong nature of a persuasive assignment, you will bring yourself to a higher pedestal of excelling in your future assignments.

First, you need to understand that this kind of assignment requires you to present a position on an issue that has debating value. If you fail here, then you will also fail in your persuasion since you can only persuade people when there is a cause of disagreement that gets two parties on two opposite sides. So, you need to learn how to take a firm stand on matters. Second, you should expect real and valid objections to your position since you don’t have a monopoly of ideas and opinion over any matter. Therefore, you ought to prepare yourself with sufficient and fact-backed evidence to argue your case. Lastly, you will need to convince your readers from the right perspective. Your center of focus should not be how wrong they are vis-à-vis how right you are, no. On the contrary, it should focus on the merit of your arguments. Armed with these fundamentals, you can now move on to the remaining sections of our post for more insights on how you can enrich your persuasive essays.

Be firm but remain diplomatic

If you are still serious about bolstering your persuasive power, pay special attention to this section. The reason is that you will need to strike a very delicate balance between two equally important issues. First, you have to be firm with the position you have taken on a given debatable issue. Second, you will still need to appreciate the fact that your readers are still entitled to their opinions the same way you are entitled to yours. So, where do you draw the line so that you don’t offend your readers or discard your position? To get a solution to this, you will ought to apply diplomacy so that you don’t present your arguments as a lecture. In addition, diplomacy will help you to respect your readers so that you do not approach them combatively as though they are criminals. Always remember that the primary goal of your writing is to convince, and not condemn, and hence, you need to know how to dangle the carrot. In your persuasion, you should learn how to give due credit to your opponents and then use logic and evidence to point out the weaknesses in their arguments without resorting to emotional outbursts. This way, you will be in a better position to help your readers to see the benefits of embracing your position.

Run an objection test

Before moving on with your position, you can take time and run an objection test. You can do this by showing your arguments to other people to can know how they feel about them and the kind of possible objections they have. This way, you will be in a better position to anticipate objections and prepare to handle them using the nuggets we have covered in the previous section.

Learn how to gauge and use evidence advantageously

Mastering how to assess and use evidence to your advantage is critical as you prepare to write a persuasive essay. You should make sure that the evidence:

  • Is relevant and speaks directly to the point
  • Is accurate
  • Is detailed and specific in every thing
  • All-encompassing
  • Sufficient to corroborate every point you are making

When using evidence, you should ensure that:

  • You use statistics carefully
  • You distinguish facts from subjective opinions and feelings
  • You use logic and rationale to link your evidence to points
  • You utilize examples to clarify meanings and demonstrate reasons
  • You use your personal experiences sparingly

Persuasive essays are interesting assignment even though they require particular care and attention if you want to succeed in them. By taking time to take a firm stand, anticipating and preparing for objections, and debating your case diplomatically, you will bolster your persuasive power of your essays. Additionally, mastering how to assess and use evidence advantageously will spice your persuasion essays so that you can have more impact.

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