Narrative Essay: What You Should Know Before Writing

Narative Essay

Narrative essays give you an opportunity to tell the world about yourself and personal experiences in an academically structured way. Writing a cogent narrative essay requires you to understand its definition, know how to write it, and master how to choose appropriate topics. In this post, we share all these issues in length to allow you take your game to the next level. But if you are unable to do your assignments in this genre on time, don’t fret since we can assist you. Keep on reading to understand more on how to improve your writing.

What is a Narrative Essay?

Before proceeding, we need to answer the critical question, “What is a narrative essay?” The reason is that if we don’t get a satisfactory narrative essay definition, it will be challenging to excel in this genre of writing. A narrative essay is an assignment that requires you to write a narrative about yourself or an experience in your life. When dealing with it, you should delve deeper into the lessons you learnt, and not just what you went through. Also, your narrative needs to show your reader why the story is meaningful. Armed with understanding, we can now proceed and plunge deeper into the details of narrative essays.

How to write a narrative essay

It is not enough to write a narrative essay; it is also critical to know how to do it correctly. That is why this section will give you more details on how to do it well for better grades and the enjoyment of your readers.

Elements of a narrative essay

To compose a great narrative essay, you have to understand its composites. Understanding the core elements of a narrative essay enables you to navigate its writing process easily. Below are the elements you need to master before writing your narrative.

  • Hooking
    Just as it is necessary in all other forms of writing, you should master the art of hooking your readers. This element is more needed here because you will be narrating a story. Therefore, utilize all the relevant hooking strategies and tools to keep grab and retain your reader’s attention. If you fail to score here, then you are most likely going to have difficulties convincing your readers to read your papers.
  • A clear plot
    A good narrative essay should also have a clear plot. Make sure you give the reader a clear chain of events that outline what happened, the causes, and effects of those happenings.
  • Vivid description
    Remember, your narrative is a storytelling process, and hence, you should optimize descriptions. The reason is that you are not explaining scientific theories models, and so, give people vivid pictures of your events, characters, and settings in a manner they can relate to with their senses.
  • Dialogue
    Dialogue is the essence of any great story. You should remember that you are not arguing with or educating your readers. Therefore, optimize dialogue to drive your points home.

How to start a narrative essay

How you start your narrative determines how you will continue with your readers. Therefore, it is necessary to master how to start a narrative essay, to avoid a false start. To make your papers more cogent, it is needful to start in a manner that grabs the attention and interest of your target readers. Also, give your reader a clear picture of where you will take them and what they should expect from you as your story unfolds.

How to write narrative essay introduction

Your narrative essay introduction is your launching pad. Therefore, it is prudent to pay particular attention to how you approach it. Below are ideas that will help you to spice up your essay’s intro.

  • You need to include your thesis statement at the end of your paper to allow your readers know your paper’s direction
  • Open your introduction on a light note to allow your reader to open up not just intellectually, but also emotionally because stories touch the mind and emotions
  • Be as descriptive as possible
  • You can also introduce your paper with a quote from a respected person your readers can relate to and respect highly

How to write narrative essay conclusion

Your narrative essay conclusion can be likened to the landing stage of a flight. Therefore, you need to make it as interesting as possible because human beings are wired to appreciate better endings. It is easy for people to forgive a poor ending if an actor improves along the way than it is to overlook a poor finish. That is why people crown finishers, and not starters. You too need to make your conclusion interesting by including the following components:

  • Conclude with a dialogue
    You can end your paper on a dialogue note to allow your readers to sign out on the same note since they have been reading a story from the beginning.
  • Finish with images
    To cement your paper on the minds of your readers permanently, you need to end it on an imagery note. Painting pictures in your readers’ minds is one way of ensuring that they will remember and miss your paper.
  • Wind up with actions
    To avoid sounding traditional, you can spice up your conclusions by ending them with actions. You can cleverly attach the lesson you learnt from an event to an action that puts you at the center. For instance, you can include something like, “I learnt that my setting aside of time to be with the suffering me feel more human and gives me a sense of satisfaction.” In this conclusion, you have not just stated a lesson, but you are clearly at the center of an activity that made you learn that lesson.
  • End on a reflective note
    Lastly, you can spice up your paper by ending it on a reflective note. You may do this by offering your thoughts about the events. This way, you clarify your story and make your readers understand and relate to it better through your personal thoughts.

How to choose a topic for a narrative essay

Choosing the right topic for your narrative essay is one of the pillars of succeeding in it. If your tutor has not given you a topic, it is necessary to choose it wisely because if you fail here, you will flop in your entire assignment. Therefore, it is needful to select a topic you are comfortable with so that you don’t feel like doing hard work. The bottom line here is choosing something that will interest you and your readers. If you fail here, you could end up struggling to write about that topic and make your reader struggle trying to read it because your topic is dull.

Personal narrative essay topics

Here are sample personal narrative essay topics to fire you up for your future assignments.

  • Narrate your first day in college
  • Narrate the first day you visited your countryside
  • Write about your first time to enter an airplane
  • How you felt the first day you sailed on water
  • A challenge that led you to renew your faith

Descriptive narrative essay topics

For your descriptive narratives, these descriptive narrative essay topics will jumpstart you.

  • How it was to spend one week without access to the Net
  • What your social media profiles tell people about you
  • The worst conflict you ever had with your parents
  • The day you engaged in an event that made you feel like writing history
  • The day you experienced what you feared the most

Funny narrative essay topics

Do you love funny topics? If you do, then these funny narrative essay topics should inspire you.

  • What is the most foolish mistake you ever made in front of your classmates?
  • What places in life do you always avoid?
  • Which types of arguments do you life avoiding?
  • What would you do if your best pet were to talk to you?
  • The most embarrassing moment you ever had in front of your friends

Narrative essay topics for college students

Here are hot narrative essay topics for college students.

  • How does the reality of accountability resonate with you?
  • What is the best day of your life?
  • What is the worst day in your school life?
  • Narrate that critical childhood moment that shaped you into what you are today
  • What is childhood moment makes you want to become a child again?

Narrative essay topics for high school

For narrative essay topics for high school, here are hot samples.

  • Describe how you felt the day you mastered the skill you admired for long
  • Narrate the most angry day of your life
  • Describe the most exciting and memorable moment of your life in primary school
  • Narrate the day you became the biggest surprise to your best friend’s life
  • What is the biggest failure in your elementary school?

With these insights at your fingertips, you can only take your narrative essay writing skills forward. Use them to advance your game.

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