Persuasive Essay: Here is Your Complete Guide

Persuasive Essay

How perfect are your persuasive skills? If you are not sure, it is needful to perfect them to allow you excel in your persuasive essay assignments. To help you attain that level of mastery, we have composed this complete guide to enable you understand this type of assignment, how to write it and structure it, and sample topics intended to fire you up to start on an inspired note. But should you face any challenges that make it difficult to write your persuasive essays well or on time, we are here to assist you.

What is a persuasive essay?

But before proceeding, what is a persuasive essay? Answering this question will help you to get a persuasive essay definition and assist you in answering another key question what is the purpose of a persuasive essay? Briefly, a persuasive essay is an assignment that utilizes reason to demonstrate that a particular idea or position has more merit than another. Its main aim is to get your reader to buy into that position instead of the others and take a certain course of action or point of view.

The structure of persuasive essay

This section handles the structure of your persuasive essay since this element is critical in your equation on how to write a good persuasive essay. The structure should have the elements discussed below.

How to start a persuasive essay

How you start your essay determines how you will carry the reader along with you until the end. Make sure your beginning includes your thesis statement to give your paper a sense of purpose. Also, you can start on a light note to capture your readers’ attention and interest.

Parts of a persuasive essay

Ideally, the main parts of a persuasive essay will include the introduction that tells the reader what you intend to tell them, the body paragraphs that tell them what you promised to tell them, and then the conclusion that reminds them of what you told them. The beginning can be likened to a plane’s takeoff, its body paragraphs to its cruising, while its conclusion can be compared to a plane’s landing.

Persuasive essay introduction

To score high in your readers’ minds, you have to start on a hooking note that will make the reader move with your up to the end. Your persuasive essay introduction needs to show them the direction you have taken via your thesis statement, give them background information, and arrest their interest.

How to end a persuasive essay

How you end your persuasive essay makes the reader want to remember it the same way your good intro made them want to read it. In fact, it should make the reader so nostalgic that they would wish to read it again if they had the time. Besides having a great persuasive essay format, it is needful to master how to end a persuasive essay. Ideally, your conclusion needs to serve the following purpose:

  • Harmoniously link your paper’s intro to the body paragraphs
  • Give your paper the necessary sense of completeness
  • To offer your readers a mental carry-away
  • To rehash your thesis statement and primary arguments

How to conclude your essay

Your papers’ conclusion will include all or some of the following:

  • Calls-to-action
    These calls usually have your closing appeals to concretize your primary argument. Also, they show your reader the action you want them to take or how you want them to think. When you want them to act, give them the information necessary to take that action.
  • Solution
    This approach restates your problem. It also defines and develops your solution to the problem under discussion. When offering your remedies, you have to focus on their merits and strengths to make your readers want to buy into them. This method emphasizes the solution and recommends what the reader needs to do.
  • Predict something
    The third approach you need to include in your conclusion is prediction. It is needful to go beyond summarizing and use your main arguments to show a situation that would arise if your readers take a given path of action. It needs to shift your readers’ attention to the importance of your arguments.

Persuasive essay outline

Your persuasive essay outline is one of the most critical elements in the entire writing process. Trying to approach your paper without an outline is like a constructor attempting to build a magnificent skyscraper without a master plan. Can you imagine the mess the builder would fall into if they neglected that master plan? Definitively, they would produce a shoddy edifice that would never meet the building owner’s specifications. For instance, the contractor wouldn’t know what to put where, and in what measure.

Likewise, your essay’s outline holds your thoughts in a structured and flowing manner. With it, you will know which idea or thought goes where and after which one. This is how you need to outline your work for easier writing and reader navigation.

The introduction

This critical section of your papers should hook your reader to allow you to win and maintain their interest. It should also give the reader background information. Lastly, you have to include your thesis statement in it to let your audience know where you’re taking them.

Your three arguments

All your three main arguments will have to support your thesis statement. They should have topic sentences that explain your points and reasons. Also, they need to offer a potential concession towards contrary arguments. Lastly, you ought to elaborate things in favor of your positions and points before offering your clincher that stresses the value of that argument.

Opposing viewpoints

Your outline should also provide for opposing viewpoints, even though you can still forego this component. When you include them, you show your readers that your arguments are not Gospel truths. Also, you let the reader know that you believe in your positions so much that you are not worried about them knowing about other opposing views. After highlighting it, you will need to rebut it to show your reader why your position is “more equal” than the opposing one.


Lastly, your outline should have a summary that will contain your main points or reasons. Also, it needs to rephrase your thesis statement and offer your readers a call-to-action.

Ideas for persuasive essays

Since you now know how to go about with your persuasive essays, we have one more step before ushering you into success—inspiration. This section of our guide contains sample topics to inspire you in your future persuasive essay assignments.

Persuasive essay topics for middle school

For middle school students, here are persuasive essay topics for middle school to ignite your inspiration.

  • Parents and teachers should pay students who score high grades
  • No one should use their smartphone while driving
  • Parents should not give their high school kids mobile phones
  • All school bullies should be jailed
  • Children should not be allowed to carry mobile phones to school

Persuasive essay topics for college

This subsection contains inspiring persuasive essay topics for college to get you started.

  • The government should ban the use of animals in commercial testing of products
  • All prisoners should be given the right to vote
  • All married prisoners should be allowed to enjoy their conjugal rights
  • Human beings are the primary causes of climate change
  • IPads and tablets should replace hard copy textbooks
  • Persuasive essay topics for kids

    To inspire you in your assignments, here are hot persuasive essay topics for kids to get you started.

    • Everyone at home should wash dishes
    • All of us at home should participate in general cleaning
    • Dad should help mom in the kitchen
    • I need to be allowed to own my own pet before finishing elementary school
    • Children don’t need to carry their school work to their homes

    Persuasive essay topics for high school

    Here are hot persuasive essay topics for high school to start you off.

    • High school students should not wear uniforms
    • Participating in sporting activities leads to failure in exams
    • Schools should reduce the amount of homework students do
    • All boarding high schools should be abolished
    • All high school students should join boarding schools
    • Funny persuasive essay topics

      If you love fun, then these funny persuasive essay topics will inspire you to greater heights in your future assignments.

      • What must I do to qualify for free chicken?
      • Imagine running life as the principal of your college
      • Academic grades don’t matter in life
      • Women should stop wearing trousers until the day men start wearing skirts
      • School terms should be shortened

      Our guide has taken you through a systematic coverage of what you need to learn and do to excel in your persuasive essay assignments. However, you can only benefit from these insights if you apply them in your future papers. The ball is now in your court to take action and get your game to the next level of excellence and mastery.