Steps to a Winning Dissertation Writing Process

dissertation writing

Writing a PhD dissertation is a critical stage in your academic journey. It gives you an opportunity to show that you are now a master of the things you studied at the graduate school. Therefore, writing a dissertation needs to be approached with caution and in a systematic manner. This post will share out the steps you should to follow while drafting this all-important paper.

Begin objectively

Before writing your dissertation, it is necessary to establish its objectives, a process that will require you to go back to the root of the assignment—the prompt. Here, you will get all the requirements of what you are supposed to write. Analyzing it well helps in finding the essence and scope of your paper, and hence, placing you in a better position to do the right thing in the right fashion. Here, you will have a clear sense of objectivity that revolves around correct content and context.

Develop a sense of direction

Depending on how you understand and adhere to the project question, it will be necessary to formulate a sense of direction for your paper through a clear and cohesive thesis statement. This way, you can focus your paper on a central theme that makes it distinct. Based on this statement, it will be easy for you to start making plans for the remaining sections of your project.


Planning for your paper’s remaining sections is instrumental in the writing process. Your planning process helps in defining materials necessary for drafting the paper and the respective times you will need to perform each task. The plan should enable you to plan and allocate time for researching, writing, and refining the dissertation.


Your researching plan has to answer questions regarding the type and quantity of materials necessary to compose your this critical assignment. In addition, it will assist in determining where you will get those materials. For instance, you will know which information requires online or offline research. Moreover, it will assist in knowing the sources of the primary data you need to bolster your thesis statement. Lastly, your research plan should also show how you will access the data you require to corroborate your paper’s arguments.


The second pillar in your planning will revolve around the actual drafting process. Make sure you plan when and how you will pen down the various sections of your paper. This planning will include processes such as analysis, critical evaluation, discussions, and referencing.


Lastly, you should also plan for the revising part of your essay. This part is critical since your paper will be incomplete without proper revision. Make sure you allocate sufficient time for this critical stage so that you do not submit an errorridden dissertation.

The drafting process

After the planning, it is now time to sit down and write the dissertation using all the data you have collected from primary and secondary sources. This critical stage is your only platform to show the world and your professors that you understand and are ready to apply all the principles you learnt. It also presents you with an opportunity to show how much ready and competent you are to apply everything you have been studying at the graduate school. Lastly, draft all the sections of your dissertation to conform to the language and styling requirements your institution approves.

The revision process

Dissertation writing is incomplete without a proper revision. After writing, you should take enough time and revise your work so that it achieves the following:

  • Referencing accuracy
  • Styling compliance
  • Grammatical excellence
  • Spelling perfection
  • Ease of navigation through proper formatting

When your paper attains these qualities, it will be easy to pass your message without misunderstanding. In addition, your readers will navigate your assignment easily and enjoyably.

Composing a winning dissertation requires you to take a systematic approach. By following the steps we have shared out in this post, you will navigate the writing and prewriting process easily, and hence, helping your audience to enjoy reading your dissertation. The ball is now in your court to follow these steps and prepare yourself for this critical assignment in your academic journey.

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