Tips on How to Write a Winning Harvard MBA Essay

Winning Harvard MBA Essay

Are you among the thousands of business students who are nurturing dreams of joining the prestigious Harvard school of business? If yes, then writing a winning Harvard MBA essay should be one of the things you need to have at the back of your mind. You should be thinking about the requirements that will make your essay stand out among thousands of applications the school receives. Therefore, keep reading this post to know the requirements you need to meet before submitting your paper to the admissions board.


The word count

Regarding length, the Harvard school of business does not have a fixed word count since you can write an essay of any length as long as it falls between the 450 and 650-word bracket. Also, you should ensure that the essay can fit on a single page when written in the Times New Roman font, 12point size, and with single spacing. The reason is that the admissions board review thousands of applications, and hence, it is beneficial to stick to these writing guidelines if you want to stand a chance of securing an admission.


Let it say all about you

Just like all other college applications, Harvard college essays should tell the board all the facts they need to know about you. Therefore, you should make efforts to ensure that the paper corroborates other application documents to boost your admission chances. You can bolster and spice your paper with stories of your growth, maturation, and the valuable lessons you learnt out of those processes to become the kind of person you are today. When you approach it this way, and in a unique manner, you will create a distinctive edge for your essay in the eyes of admission officers.


Demonstrate your points

One of the things you need to remember about this kind of assignment is that the officers who will be reading your paper are not your usual college examiners who are seeking to award you marks. On the contrary, they are interested in knowing you, and more so, outside the traditional four-wall academic settings. Therefore, you should not shy away from showing them practical examples of all the claims you make about yourself while maintaining sincerity. Remember, the school is ready not just to admit your head into its community, but rather, a whole person whose personal experiences and journey through life need to add value to the institution.


Areas to cover

But what areas can you cover in the 2017/18 application requirements? Harvard has a wide option of prompts you can choose from and tell your story. Here are some of them:

  • Discuss the most bizarre occurrence in your life
  • Living experiences you have had abroad
  • Travel experiences you have had overseas
  • The things you would like your prospective roommates to learn about your life
  • How you plan to use your education after graduating from college
  • Any piece of academic works have impacted you the most, for instance, projects, books, poems, or discussions
  • The literature you have been reading in the last one year
  • How you plan to contribute to the lives of your classmates as you advance the school’s mission
  • You can also write on any topic you feel inspired to write on


Don’t forget uniqueness and creativity

Lastly, do not forget to spice up your Harvard essay with creativity especially when you are writing on a prompt that many other students have also picked. You need to give whatever topic you choose a unique angle and approach so that your paper stands out of the crowd. Where necessary, always take the surprise path where you ambush the board with an area that no one else has tackled. Remember, the path that has a few users will lead you to distinction because people celebrate novelty and innovation.


The Harvard school of business is a prestigious institution many students desire to join to further their business studies. Knowing how to handle their MBA application essays is critical since it will boost your chances of securing an admission. You should therefore stick to the rules of writing a Harvard application essay so that your paper can stand out.

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