Coursework Writing Tips + 1 Secret Hint

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How to write coursework assignments better?

The purpose of this paper is examine your knowledge in the subject you’ve gained during the course, as well as to check your writing and analytical skills. More often than not, a coursework is pretty similar to an essay, however the topic difficulty and depth of a required research is usually higher. Sometimes, students have an option to either pass an oral examination or to write this paper to earn a grade in a subject at the end of the course. Great Britain is the country where courseworks are widely used, whereas in the U.S., Canada and Australia the paper is less wide-spread. Shall we proceed with the writing hints, then?

  • Take Your Time – Just as you receive the prompt, start working on your coursework without a moment’s hesitation. As a rule, there’re 3-5 days available to finish off this kind of assignment, so use your time wisely in order to avoid a situation, when it’s already the eleventh hour and tomorrow is the submission date, while you haven’t even started the coursework yet.
  • Split the Work into Small Chunks – What you have to aim at is one day spent researching a topic, 1-2 days spent working on a draft, and one day spend proofreading the manuscript. Doing everything in one sitting, one evening prior to the due date is a bad idea, coursework is a too important paper to treat it light-mindedly. Instead, focus and do the great job instead.
  • Think of a Solid Thesis Statement – Do you have an assigned topic or are you free to choose one? In any case, your thesis statement has to be as bulletproof as a kevlar vest. Back up your coursework thesis with relevant arguments which prove your point of view regarding a topic under discussion.
  • Gather Relevant Quotes – Researching part of your work includes working with in-text citations. Each argument you present in a paper has to be fortified with a savvy quote. Just don’t forget to format your bibliography page and in text references according to MLA/APA/Chicago guideline requirements.
  • Comply with the Prompt – Following the assigned task is pivotal to score the top grade for this assignment. Never err on the side of wandering off the topic, not fitting into the word count, and avoid any sort of do-it-yourself approach no matter how dull, boring or challenging an assignment seems. You’ve decided to do a coursework, so do it right!
  • Work on Mistakes – Students are always hesitant towards content proofreading. Tired and a bit lazy, one may think giving a paper some quick reading a couple of times will do, but they’re completely wrong. Proofreading is absolutely key: read your text out loud at least 10 times, 5 – from beginning till the end, 5 – from end till the beginning.
  • No Plagiarism – Coursework writing and plagiarism do not jibe too well. Best case scenario is always to provide an authentic manuscript done from scratch. Any sort of copy-and-paste, re-write and any other types of sneaky approach will fail, whereas only originality will prevail. Have no time? Can’t do the thing right? Play it safe and do the following, but never plagiarize.

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Self-check list to follow when working on a coursework?

  • Does the assigned topic resonate with my take on a subject?
  • Do I have access to all reference sources required in the prompt?
  • I have 3-5 days to turn in a coursework, how do I manage my time and efforts best?
  • Is my thesis statement engaging and thought-provoking enough?
  • How do my arguments sound?
  • Are my quotes selected with enough persistence?
  • Are my quotes references up to par?
  • How does my introduction sound? Should I add another “hook”?
  • Do I have smooth transitions between passages?
  • Is my choice of words topic-relevant and academic enough?
  • Do I have a full evening to proofread a paper in and out?
  • Have I met all prompt instructions precisely as requested?
  • Number of words is acceptable?
  • Finally, should I get help with my coursework from a competent online service?

Coursework drafting is without a doubt tedious and mind-shattering routine. Pressure is high, timelines are pressing, energy is already too low, cost of mistake is high as never. At the first glance, 2000 words of a coursework aren’t that challenging, aren’t they? You’ve been doing lengthier papers, so this one won’t be a problem, right? Not exactly. There’re penalties for not meeting coursework requirements. For example, a paper with 2350 words instead of 2000 automatically gets 5 points off, which is a serious penalty.

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